Develop Your Dream Home

You don't need to buy a log cabin kit to have a dream home. In fact, if you choose to use a butt and pass log home you can do build a larger home for a fraction of the prie. This is because using a cabin kit, whilst easy, is made to be assembled, disassembled and then reassembled. This saves a lot of frustration for you to assemble - but it comes at a price.

When you buy a log cabin kit instead, you are paying for unnecessary notch services, bracing to prevent the wood from settling and labour costs to put it constantly assemble the house. The advantage to using butt and pass is that not only does it avoid settling and is a lot more secure, it's actually a lot less work.

When you choose to use butt and pass techniques, you're choosing to build the home on site. It is assembled in a way that means you will struggle to take it back down again - obviously a good trait if you want your house to last. There are some fantastic stories on Build Log Homes about why you shouldn't buy a log cabin, but also how their founder Skip Ellworth drove a tractor straight into a home and it survived! They're a great bunch and run an awesome lesson on how you can build a home.

If you are feeling that a log cabin kit just isn't your taste any more, we understand. When you see how much money you can save buy building the cabin yourself and using untreated logs - we know it's the right decision. However, feel free to contact us if you want to know more about finding or building your dream home.


Developing a New House or Addition - The Role of the Architect during the Construction Process

In addition to working with a designer for the production of building files (illustrations and requirements) for a house enhancement task or a brand-new home, the designer can be a genuine resource in securing the owner from the really challenging procedure which is a building job. Besides being fluent in the building and construction procedure, a skilled designer understands totally the mistakes of building and has a working understanding of building and construction law and, in my case, Florida lien law.


A designer can materialize ideas for safeguarding the house owner for an unethical or unskilled professional. Safeguarding the property owner from an unskilled or deceitful specialist. When a designer is worked with to offer services throughout building and construction, he or she will normally:.